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My Thoughts On Who Should Win Stripsearch

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So it's half way through the show and it's been a pretty great competition. Rarely can I watch a show that I feel I could connect with, and Penny-Arcade's StripSearch as been amazing at that. At this point in the show, (spoilers) Abby fought Erika in the elimination challenge and came up the winner. Now we're down to the final six: Abby, Tavis, Maki, Monica, Katie, and Lexxy. So who should win? For me, I don't feel as if the winner should be who I think is the best artist and it has more to do with who deserves it more.

Who's the Best Artist in StripSearch?

My rankings go as follows:

1. Katie
2. Lexxy
3. Maki
4. Tavis
5. Monica
6. Abby

Hands down I think Katie's the best artist on the show, and she's proven it time and time again that she's the best overall artist in the house. I feel like she jut missed the mark on a few challenges, like the Wizards of the Coast challenge where her drawing was too risque. If there should be an overall winner on best it should be Katie. That being said, I don't think Katie should actually win the show.

Who Should Win?

I don't think Katie should win, mostly because she is already established in the animation industry. She's already made it which I feel the point of the show is to give exposure to those in the trenches. I think that Lexxy is the second best artist there, but at that point in the show she hadn't even made a comic strip so I don't she really deserves to win on that technicality. Abby is definitely an underdog story who's funny and a great artist, but still seems too inexperienced.

Personally I feel like this competition comes down to either Tavis, Monica or Maki. And more so Tavis and Monica and I just feel like their strips fit in with the Penny Arcade style.

At this point I wonder if it even matters who wins (Besides the money of course). They've all gotten loads of exposure and have even been able to make money off the show by being able to sell prints of their eliminations comics. Also don't forget the new Pineapple Maki clothing line. Overall the show is great and hopefully it can continue on to more seasons.

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